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Virtual-Realities Ltd was formed in 2016 and initially launched with a temporary virtual reality arcade in Redhill, Surrey in the UK. Our temporary location closed in 2017 and we have been asked by many of our loyal customers to provide them with details of VR arcades and hardware/peripheral suppliers within the UK and globally. We have created an on-line directory which you can search by country to find the ideal venue for you. If you are an owner of a VR arcade or a manufacturer of VR hardware or peripherals and you wish to be added to our on-line directory then please click here and you can enter your details.

We also publish a blog which contains articles which have been written by us for you on various VR topics from our own unique perspective. Follow us on our social media channels to make sure you get the updates on new VR Arcades, Suppliers and our blog posts as soon as they are published. We hope you enjoy our new website and get in contact with us if you have any suggestions or feedback for us.

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