Playing in Virtual Reality

August 21, 2016

When people ask us “what’s it like to play in virtual reality?”, it can be hard to describe.  We can explain the premise of a game or experience, and what it’s all about, but trying to describe what it’s like to actually put the HTC Vive head mounted display on for the first time and experience VR is something different.

We recently had two total VR novices come to the VR Lounge for their first ever experience of virtual reality.  They wanted to dive straight in and play the zombie game “The Brookhaven Experiment”.  I think their reaction was priceless when the first person put on the head mounted display.  It was literally an “oh my goodness!” moment for him.

Even before you start to play a game in VR using the HTC Vive, you are placed in a room.  Due to the way that virtual reality works, you feel totally immersed.  And in this room, you feel so small compared to this gargantuan space that you are at the heart of.

People who have never played in VR before probably think it’s just like playing a normal game but on a big screen.  It is not even close!  For starters, everything is in 3D.  And in the case of The Brookhaven Experiment, the Zombies are as tall, if not taller than you.  And because you are completely immersed, you really do feel that adrenaline rush as they swarm towards you, combined with the surround sound through the headphones, you find yourself frantically looking behind you when you hear a moan, creak or rustling noise.  Within five minutes of wearing the head mounted display, you completely forget that it’s on, and instead your mind and senses truly absorb you into the virtual world you are in.

We’ve found that almost everyone feels that once you take the HTC Vive head mounted display off, the real world seems, well, flat!  It’s almost a disappointment to come back to actual reality after being so absorbed and immersed.


Piers has been gaming since the late 1980’s, original machines included the BBC Master Compact and Commodore 64. In 1992 The Lawnmower Man film was released featuring virtual reality as the main theme, starting a passion for VR. Before founding Virtual-Realities Limited, he worked for HTC where he was fortunate enough to experience the early HTC Vive. Piers knew that hardware could finally match the film from 1992 and instantly the future had arrived!

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