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What is the VR Events Directory?

Our virtual reality events directory allows consumers to find VR events in their chosen country. These events typically represent VR pop-up events or shows for the VR industry. 

How can I get my event listed in the directory?

We offer three types of event entry for companies, Premium Plus, Premium and Free. Premium Plus entries are charged at £50.00 (including VAT). Premium entries are charged at £25.00 (including VAT). We also offer a Standard entry which is free. For a feature comparison between Premium Plus, Premium and Standard entries look at the following details.

Premium Plus
Event name shown
Event start and end date
Event location
Event details
Event directions
Google map of event location
Event start and end time
Specify publication dates
Event website address shown
Links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
No adverts within event listing
Placed above Standard entries
Placed above Premium entries
Google map with directions to event
Promotional video for event
Promotion of event on social media

Free Listings

You will be able to publish the name of your event, a start end end date, location and directions to the event.

Premium Listings

In addition to the features of the free entry, you will also be able to specify a start and end time to the event. You will also be able to specify a website address and links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will also include a Google map of where the event is taking place. With a Premium entry you are also able to specify the dates you want the listing to be published in the directory. Premium entries are shown above free entries, and do not have adverts in the entry listing.

Premium Plus Listings

In addition to the features of the free and Premium entries, you will also benefit from a promotional video embedded from YouTube or Vimeo. We will also include a Google map with directions to the event based on the current location of the person viewing your entry. Additionally, we will also promote your event through our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Premium Plus entries are shown above Premium and Free entries.
To get your event listed in our directory, simply fill in the form below and we'll do the rest.

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